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October 2013 Newsletter


Are you ready for fall? Do you live in an area where the cooler weather affects your muscles and joints?
This month we have launched some new oils and ointments to help reduce muscular pain and inflammation, tendonitis, bursitis, and ease the burning pain often associated with these types of injuries. AP deep tissue, Trigger Point Release Oil, Muscle & Joint Blend Oil.

The reason we have developed this product line is because in 2001 I was injured while working for an employer. The injury affected my right arm, shoulder, and elbow and neck. For three years I suffered from pain, inflammation, and that nagging burning sensation. I did not respond well to the anti-inflammatory medications, a tens unit or physical therapy. The burning sensation in my arm, neck and shoulder persisted and seemed to hinder the healing process. For three years I suffered, until one day a lady gave me some natural pain lotion to try. That day was the beginning of the healing process….. after applying the lotion I felt relief from the burning pain in about 20 minutes. I was totally amazed!

With the pain medication epidemic on the rise and prescription drug medication prices increasing at alarming speeds I would recommend anyone with short or long term muscular pain and inflammation injuries to give natural pain relief products a try. They can and do work depending on the type of ingredients used and the individual’s injury and body chemistry.

While we can’t guarantee everyone will experience the same results I had, we have had many customer write testimonials about how our products have helped them over the years. We also provide custom blending consultations for individuals who have special needs.

It is truly amazing that God created all the plants, trees, flowers, herbs and spices with beauty, spiritual, and physical healing properties. Working with and understanding how natural plant extracts and essential oils can help heal the body, mind and soul is an ongoing process. It requires knowledge, time, and dedication. Unfortunately, there are many books on the market that list some of their healing attributes but this information is often misleading and inaccurate, citing herbal healing attributes instead of essential oil healing attributes. This can be dangerous and sometimes fatal.

Other New Products:

Frankincense CO2 Oil: This oil is extracted with carbon dioxide from the frankincense tears. It has a beautiful aroma and has become one of our favorites.


Essential Oils
Palmarosa 10 ML - $7.00
Bergamot 10 ML- $13.00
Lavender, Bulgarian 10 ML - $10.00
Lemon (Organic) 10 ML - $5.00
Cedar, Himalayan 10 ML - $10.00

Try adding some Lavender & Lemon together for a new refreshing scent.

Anointing Oil:

Frankincense & Myrrh Anointing Oil – Standard Prayer Vial $11.95

To see our current class schedule go to www.create-your-scent.

Fragrant Blessings,
Marilyn & Staff
Victorie Inc. DBA Healing Oil Sanctuary




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