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Pure Essential Oil Kits & Gift Sets

Healing Oils of The Bible & Popular Aromatherapy Oils.

Pure Essential Oils - Not Diluted



Aromatherapy 101 Gift Set $34.95 



Aromatherapy 101 Gift Set contains six bottles of  essential oil packaged in a gold gift box. 


Eucalyptus 10 ML:  Great to help clear the sinuses, banish cold and flu symptoms, and sooth tired muscles.


Lavender, Bulgarian (Organic) 10 ML:  Calming and relaxing, promotes sleep, and great for skin care.


Orange, Sweet  (Organic) 10 ML:  Antidepressant, antiviral, sedative qualities.


Peppermint (Organic) 10 ML: May help relieve tension causing migraine headaches, soothe tired aching muscles and has a cooling action.


Rosemary (Organic) 10 ML:  Can help sooth sore muscles, and is a good respiratory oil. 


Tea Tree (Organic) 10 ML:   Germ buster and anti-fungal oil properties.





Exodus 30 - Holy Anointing Oil Essential Oil Kit  Special Price $55.95 


Kit includes pure essential oils listed below.  Kit does not include olive oil or bottles.  Please note we do not offer step by step instructions to make the Exodus 30 - Holy Anointing Oil.  This is a process we feel is a sacred experience between you and God.


Calamus (acourus calamus) 5 ML Bottle

Cassia (cinnamomun cassia) 10 ML Bottle

Cinnamon Leaf (cinnamomum zeylanicum) 5 ML Bottle

Myrrh (commiphora myrrha) 10 ML Bottle



Biblical Essential Oil Gift Set  $149.95      



Our Biblical Essential Oil Gift Set contains 12 sacred oils mentioned in the Holy Scriptures.  To see our full line of Biblical Oils Click Here.  No wholesale available for this item.


The following essential oils are included in the Biblical Essential Oil Gift Set:


Cassia (cinnamomun cassia), Calamus (acours calamus), Cedarwood (cedrus atlantica), Cinnamon Leaf (cinnamomum ceylanicum), Cypress (cupressus sempervirens), Frankincense (boswellia carterii), Galbanum (ferula galbaniflua), Hyssop (hyssop officinalis), Myrrh (commiphora myrrha), Myrtle (myrtus communis), Spikenard (nardostachys jatamansi ), Stacte (Liquid ambar orientalis).


All bottles are 5 ML sizes.




inspirit Oil Therapy Kit - New   $130.00

Breathe New Life into Your Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit



Essential oils are made up of many different chemical constituents and through direct inhalation and/or topical application they can stimulate the limbic system sending electrical impulses to the automatic nervous system.  The automatic nervous system is divided into two sections:  sympathetic and parasympathetic.  The sympathetic is active in fight or flight responses, while the parasympathetic is responsible for rest and relaxation. 

Our inspirit oil therapy kit includes specific oil blends to relax the body, mind, soul and spirit, and gently stimulate the immune system. The oils are used in a specific sequence and are applied to the feet, spinal column, and back. Detailed instructions are included with the kit and includes specific physical, mental, emotion, and spiritual attributes of each oil blend and single oil.

The oil blends included in this kit are diluted in a special carrier oil blend of fractionated coconut oil, pomegranate seed oil, castor oil, and meadowfoam seed oil. This special blend of carrier oils safely disperses the essential oils and aids in deep penetration.

A professional practitioner kit is also available for licensed massage therapists. Massage therapists will be amazed at how quickly our oils work to release body tension, muscle knots, release trigger points, and help restore emotional, spiritual, and physical harmony and balance.  Please send a email to for more information.

Oil Blends and Single Oils included in this kit:

Serenity is a unique blend of oils that allows one to experience a deep inner peace. Quiets the mind and encourages deep emotional healing.
Propriety Blend of Essential Oils

Be Free
Be Free invites emotional balance and freedom to express oneself.
Propriety Blend of Essential Oils

Hope and Faith
Dreams and visions give us hope, purpose and direction in our lives. Hope encourages emotional and physical balance, while renewing ones faith and the strength needed to achieve goals and dreams. Propriety Blend of Essential Oils

Breath of Life
Courage clears the mind, encourages deep breathing, stimulates the immune system, and invigorates the body. Helps you reconnect with feelings of confidence and strength.
Propriety Blend of Essential Oils

Sacred Surge
Take the plunge and experience the warm, soothing sensation of our Sacred Surge. Designed to gently lift your spirits to higher ground, balance the emotions, and revive the body.
Propriety Blend of Essential Oils

Tender Touch
Gentle sweet orange melts way stress, while marjoram sooths and comforts the soul. Tender touch restores balance and vitality to the body.
Propriety Blend of Essential Oils

Divine Grace
It is time to gently allow Divine Grace to balance your body, mind, soul and spirit.
Ignites the life force deep within the soul. Calms the mind, allowing the body to relax and breathe deeply while experiencing the presence of divine love.
Propriety Blend of Essential Oils

Let Go ~ Let God
Let Go ~ Let God encourages the release of past hurts, allowing peace, love, and acceptance to flow within.
Propriety Blend of Essential Oils

Joy of Heaven
Joy of Heaven brings forth inner peace and happiness to your mind, body, and soul. Quiets the mind, soothes the emotions, and relaxes the body.

Propriety Blend of Essential Oils

Heart and Soul

Prepares the body, mind and soul to receive love and healing.
Propriety Blend of Essential Oils

Single Oils: Cypress, Sweet Marjoram, Peppermint, and Wintergreen.




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